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Jul 15, 2017
Apply Online Tamil Nadu Smart Ration Card

Apply Online Tamil Nadu Smart Ration Card

TamilNadu government has started issuing the new smart ration card from April 01,2017 across Tamil Nadu. By this time we all will be very eagerly waiting for […]
Jul 31, 2016
Diet plan for Night Shift Employees

Health Tips & Diet plan for Night Shift Employees

It’s a great challenge to women work in night or on rotational shift. As per the studies and research, equivalent to 2000 women were suffered for […]
Sep 24, 2015

Top 3 Best Free WordPress Security Plugins

Follow my blog with Bloglovin WordPress is a free web software used to create WordPress blogs or websites. An everyday lot of WordPress websites are created […]
Jul 20, 2015

The Complete Guide to Setup Amazon CloudFront CDN in WordPress using W3 Total Cache Plugin

Sign up and Get Access keys from Amazon CloudFront Go to and sign in to AWS console. (If you are a new customer, signup AWS […]
Apr 9, 2015

Android 5.1 lollipop update: New Features and Bug Fixes

Google has released Android 5.0 Lollipop on October 2014 with a major change in UI (User Interface) design with lot of additional features and bug fixes. […]
Dec 21, 2014

How to Delete file or folder

This article teaches very basic instruction for beginners to delete file or folder from the computer. Method 1: Using only mouse 1. Select the file or […]
Nov 25, 2014

How to Copy all File Names to Text file

To print, save or manage, we need to copy all file names to text file. But if we have large number of files or the file […]
Jun 18, 2014

China Bans Windows 8 on Government Computers

Chinese government had requested Microsoft to continue Windows XP system support at least in his own country. But Microsoft refused the request, so the China Bans […]
Nov 28, 2013

How to solve the 10 most common tech support problems yourself

In our day today life we are facing many tech problems while using computer and internet. Here you can learn to solve the 10 most common […]
Aug 31, 2013

Make Your PC Last Longer and Work Better

With few strategic and affordable upgrades you can give your PC a performance shot. Add More RAM: A easy and inexpensive way to improve older PC. […]
Aug 9, 2013
IRCTC waiting lists and chances of ticket confirmation

IRCTC waiting lists and chances of ticket confirmation

IRCTC WL (IRCTC Waiting Lists) status denotes that your reservation was not yet confirmed and do not have a confirmed seat for travel. In case someone […]
May 14, 2013

How to Secure your Wireless Home Network

It is a technique a user can use to secure his wireless home network. It is important as if not available the neighbors can borrow your […]
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