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Oct 1, 2013

How to Start Learning Computer Programming

Computer programming  is something that many a people aspire to learn. It is quite possible for anyone to do so, but to be mastering the skill […]
Sep 16, 2013

How to Unlock Secured PDF File

A secure PDF file enforces copyright laws with features to prevent reproduction by other users. The owner of the PDF can prevent other users from printing, […]
Aug 27, 2013

How to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard

A wireless device gives more freedom on motion as there are no binding wires. This reduces the wiring connection to the computer and also provides flexibility […]
Jun 12, 2013

Tips to Survive Your Next Tech Disaster

A house decked up with lot of gadgets for comfort can be a disaster when one of it decides not to co-operate and stops functioning. Most […]
May 2, 2013

How to Buy Used Electronics

We buy second hand things (like car, furniture or even clothes) but buying used electronics still looks a far fetched idea as it gives always an idea that it might […]
Jul 26, 2012

How to Have Fun on your Computer

Beginners might bored with Computer, because they dont know what to do with it. Below are the ways to have fun on your Computer and Internet. […]
May 13, 2012

How to connect PC to TV

TV is usually used to watch TV programs and movies. But we can Hook up a TV as PC monitor. Connect PC display to TV and […]
Apr 27, 2012

How to use the Computer

Many people don’t know how to use computer and what we can do in the computer. By reading this article, beginners came to know how to […]
Apr 19, 2012

How to Check Your Internet Connection Speed

There are several online services like McAfee, TELUS and Speedtest.net, which checks your internet downloading and uploading speed and gives you a detailed report of webpage […]
Apr 10, 2012

How Do I Use Google+

For most people, Facebook is an only best social network site to connect with people. Now Google launches new social network like product called Google+, which […]
Mar 28, 2012

Find and remove ^M (control+M) characters in unix

When the file is transferred from windows to Unix, we may find some ^M (CTRL+M) characters in the file, because windows operating system and Unix operating […]
Mar 23, 2012

How to Connect PC To HDMI TV

By connecting your pc to high-definition TV, you can see your pc display contents on a larger screen. If you have internet broadband connection, then you […]
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