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Get phone / mobile number of the person in matrimony sites for free  

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How to find the contact details of the match or person from any matrimonial site without paying the membership fees.

Because they are charging Rs. 5000 to give 40 phone numbers. This is really too costly.

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From the matrimony site’s profile, you can get the following information of his/her:

1. Photo
2. Full name (first & last name)
3. Education
4. Company name

Search in facebook with the combination of keywords like,

1. Full name
2. Full name & education
3. Full name & company name
4. First name & education
5. First name & company name

You can identify the his/her profile using the photo. Give friend request and chat with her/him for free.

Note: This is only for an educational purpose. We recommend to buy the package of your choice from the matrimony sites and is not responsible for any of the misuse.


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