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noindex vs nofollow  

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I am using Yoast SEO plugin in my WordPress website. Today I created a page which is restricted to view only by logged-in users. In the plugin, I have option to set noindex and nofollow.
I want search engines to index my site but guest should not able to view the content.
Which one I choose for my need?

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Please find the difference between noindex and nofollow:
nofollow – search engines will index the page but will not index the links present in the page.
noindex – search engines will not index the page.

Both nofollow and noindex attribute option will not restrict your page only to logged in users.
You can try using noindex attribute which will prevent page to visible in search engine result page but the URL is accessible to all. If anyone knows the URL, he can access the page without logged in.

Use plugin like below to easily restrict page only for logged in users:

To accomplish this task, there are numerous other plugins available for free in WordPress


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