Installation Guide2021-07-30T08:02:13+05:30
Download Spytm app from the below button or links
Also you can use to download the app directly from mobile.

Step 1: Download SpyTM Android App

Step 2: App Installation & Configuration

Step 3: Monitor the Device Remotely

Login to SpyTM Console and monitor the target device from desktop or mobile.
Android Users: Download SpyTM Monitor App from Google Play Store to Login and monitor the target device.
Download Spytm Monitor app

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Possible To Remotely Install A Spy App On Android Phones?2020-05-16T18:08:05+05:30

No. Its not at all possible to remotely install the app on Android phones. You need physical access to the device for atleast 3-5 minutes to install the app.

2. Is It Required to Reinstall SpyTM After An Android OS Update?2020-05-16T17:45:10+05:30

No, SpyTM app works just like other apps on the mobile (but invisible). The app doesn’t need to be reinstalled after an Android OS update.

3. Does SpyTM App’s Icon Visible On The Installed Phone?2020-05-16T17:36:07+05:30

Once you have installed the SpyTM app on the target mobile, by default the app will get hidden automatically. If you want the icon to be visible, then uncheck the Hide application icon box in the 25th screenshot of the Installation step#3.

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