WordPress is the most powerful web software which has used by many bloggers to make their own website. By default WordPress was not more secured and there have many chances for hackers to easily get your site. Follow the below steps to make your WordPress blog more secure.

Make your WordPress blog more Secure


1 After the fresh installation, your username would be “admin” by default. So everyone knows your username, and they will try to get your password to capture your website. WordPress wont allow you to change the username, so refer this article to change the default admin username.

2 While giving password to the admin account, please make sure that your password must contain digits, both upper and lower case alphabets and special characters. Check your password density by using this free Kaspersky online tool.

3 Older versions may have some security bugs. So always make sure that your WordPress is up to date. Also make sure that plugins and themes installed in your website are also up to date.

4 Prevent your WordPress admin files from search engine indexing by adding the following line to robots.txt file. If you not done this step, then all the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing will index your admin files and folders and it will be visible to everyone. This even might cut your page rank.

  • Disallow: /wp-*

5 Check if the tables in database having default “wp_” prefix. If YES, then change it to something other than “wp_”. Because this might help hackers to easily hack your website database. Use “Better WP Security” plugin to easily change the database prefix to make your WordPress blog more secure. Before do this step, backup your database once.


6 We dont know when the server will crash and when your account would be hacked. In safer side, take backup of your database, files and folders regularly. There are many popular plugins available to automatically backup your database like WP-DBManager and BackWPup. Save the backup files in any secured password protected online server, local disk and in removable devices like pen drive, floppy and Compact disk to make your WordPress blog more secure.