How to make WordPress site Load Faster

WordPress has plenty of features, which helps to easily build the website. It is bit slower while loading. Users wont wait if the page loads more than 3 seconds. But there is some unknown tweaks to make WordPress faster even for shared hosting users. Follow the below steps and check your website loading speed. Compress [...]

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How to Install Incompatible Firefox Addons

Firefox browser provides large number of add-on to customize and extend the functionality. Firefox is constantly updated and add-on also need to be updated to work with latest Firefox version. You may not able to install add-on if its version is not updated. Follow the below steps to bypass this and force install incompatible Firefox [...]

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Basic: How to Make your WordPress blog more Secure

WordPress is the most powerful web software which has used by many bloggers to make their own website. By default WordPress was not more secured and there have many chances for hackers to easily get your site. Follow the below steps to make your WordPress blog more secure. Make your WordPress blog more Secure Instructions [...]

10 Popular Firefox add-ons for Web Developers

Web developers need many tools to develop their websites. So they have to use many tools separately. To overcome this problem, I listed several popular Firefox add-ons for Web developers where they can use everything inside Firefox itself. Firebug: Firebug is the most popular add-on among web developers as it does all in one click. [...]

Prevent WordPress Content Theft – text and images

WordPress is the web software to explore our contents and images in web. These contents and images would be copied by many bloggers and they will use your content without your permission. Use the below plugins to prevent WordPress content theft: Instructions Prevent WordPress Content Theft - IMAGES This plugin helps WordPress users to protect [...]

Change WordPress default admin Username in 3 methods

WordPress is the most popular web software to create blog or website. Once you installed WordPress, you will have the default username "admin". If you didnt changed this, then hackers will easily hack your account by using "admin" as username and some other passwords to login to your admin account. Even though WordPress has many [...]