How to Create Free Blog on Blogger

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What is Blog?

Blog is a webpage which is used to share your thoughts, images, videos, etc to the wider audience. Smart bloggers could make some good income using blog.

Where to Create a Blog?

There are several blogging platforms are available to create free blogs. Most used and the feature-rich blogging platforms are and Both are perfect for newbies and completely free to use. If you want to create an advanced, professional look blog and willing to invest money then choose

What is is a blogging platform which was owned by Google. It allows to create 100 blogs per account and unlimited posts per blog. It contains built-in Google AdSense product to monetize the blog. According to the geographic location, blogger URL is changed.

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How to Create Free Blog on Blogger?

1. Head over to, you will be redirected to Google account page to login. If you already have a google account, then login or create a new Google account and login.

2. If yours google account is linked with Google+ profile then you will get profile confirmation page as below. Click on Continue to Blogger button.create free blog on blogger

3. Click the New Blog button at the top of the page.create free blog on blogger

4. Title: Enter the title of the blog. Title of the blog should be very specific about the blog. For example, if the blog is about sports latest information, then the blog title should be like “Sports News”.create free blog on blogger

5. Address: Enter the URL of the blog. Via this URL only, people able to see your blog. Like Title, address should also be specific. Blog address will be created as a sub domain of For example, you given the blog address as “sports-news” then the blog address is Later you can also host your custom domain like for free. The actual concept is is redirected to

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6. Template: Select any one template from the list of pre-built templates. Since templates are fully coded with unique design, you no need to require a programming skill to design the webpage. There is an option to change it later at any point of time.

7. Once the Title, Address and Template are selected, then click Create blog! button.

8. Now the blog is created and you will be redirected to the blog dashboard. Click Posts or Pages link to create and publish your content.

How to customize the blog template?

1. Click Template link in the dashboard menu. You could see option to customize desktop template and mobile template.create free blog on blogger

2. Customize: This option works as a website builder. Here you can easily change the background, width, layout, font style, etc.

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3. Edit HTML: If you know the HTML programming language, then this is your area.

4. Customize mobile template: Under Mobile template, click the settings icon to customize the mobile template.

How to Earn Money from the blog?

In the Earnings menu, set up the free Google AdSense account and place the AdSense advertisement in the blog to earn money.

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create free blog on blogger

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