How to Make Money on Social Media

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Social Media is one of the greatest leaps in the world of the internet to earn money. It is one of the most preferred ways for money earning too. But many of us don’t know how to use social media in a positive way especially to earn money. Social media like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Roposo have huge people as its users and has good response among them. A post you make on any of the above platforms can reach millions of people and attract their interest. But it would take much time and effort to make such an attractive and creative post to reach the audience.

Let’s see how to use each of these social media platforms beneficially to earn money without any investment.


As you know, YouTube is a US-based online video-sharing platform and one of the most frequently visited entertainment websites. Users can view or create and share videos on this platform. Now, it’s becoming a trend to create channels on YouTube and post original videos for monetization. Those who earn in this way are called YouTubers.

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Once you start creating original and worthful watching content on YouTube, you will be accepted to YouTube Partner Programme(YPP). Once you become a member of YPP, you should always check that your videos follow all of YouTube’s community guidelines, Terms of Service, and AdSense policies. One should remember, YouTube can cut down its monetization to the creator anytime during the course of time.


Every content creator needs to be aware that YouTube pays us through ads and hence the payout for each contributor will differ from time to time. Usually, YouTube will make monthly payments between the 10th and 14th of every month and for this payment, we should have at least reached their threshold. According to Forbes, the highest recently paid earnings is $29.5 million in the year 2019 – 2020. Hence there is no bound limit for its payment when your creativity and content are endless.


  • It requires a lot of perseverance and creativity to earn through your YouTube channel.
  • YouTube monetization is a quite complex process to understand. Once you understand their policies and rules, your earning will be endless.
  • You need to always expect ups and downs in your income through YouTube as it depends on the current trend of videos expected by the YouTube audience.

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Roposo launched in July 2014 is an Indian video-sharing social media app available at the PlayStore and is 100% safe to use. Roposo keeps rewarding its users with coins for completing every task, participating quiz and sharing unique videos on the platform.


You can easily earn money through Roposo as PayTM cash. All that you need is an average smartphone with good internet connectivity.

In Roposo, one can earn in three ways,

Video making – By making and uploading original videos on Roposo, one can earn coins that can be redeemed as Paytm Cash.

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The only limitations here are,

  • You will get 5000 coins only if your video gets featured on the Roposo Star channel.
  • You will get an additional 1000 coins when your video gets featured on any other channel.
  • You will get 200 coins on the Opening the Roposo app daily.
  • Your coins will also increase with the number of views on your videos.

Referring friends – You can refer friends and earn through Roposo. Through a special link, both your friend and you can be benefitted and earn money. This link can be shared with any number of friends to increase your earning.

Sponsoring Brands – This needs a lot of patience and time. You should be more professional and spend a lot of time making promotional ad videos for brands. However here the amount paid will be based on the popularity of your ad videos.

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Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace, a part of the Facebook app which is used by almost all of us helps in selling products online and earning money out of it.

You can either resell your own old products that are not in use now or resell products bought from another seller. Not only Facebook, but other social media networking sites like Instagram, and eBay also work in the same way where we can sell products online and earn money.

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  1. Posting items to sell on weekends will help a lot as people will be available to checkout and purchase online.
  2. Taking clear photos or uploading high-resolution images of the product will help you.
  3. Do Crosspost and Repost of selling items and group similar items such as books, and clothes based on size.
  4. Being active and available for chat.
  5. Having safety and all available payment methods.

Hope the above article would help you with using social media on its other side and earning money at your leisure. Through the persistent investment of your time and hard work on the above activity, earning a lump-sum amount of money is guaranteed.


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