10 Things Girls Expect In A Relationship

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Ever got confused about handling your girl. Thinking like it would be better if you could read your girl’s mind? Here are the top 10 tips on what girls expect in a relationship.

1. Friendship

Every man searches for another mother in his life in the form of his girlfriend to take good care of him and to let him know what is right and wrong to do in his life.
Every woman searches for another father in the form of his boyfriend to take good care of her and to let her know what is right and wrong to do in her life.
But they both need at least a best friend in the form of their boyfriend/girlfriend. Friendship will never fail even if their relationship fails.

2. Priority

Make her a top priority. This is the secret to any successful relationship that you see. You should show this in every one of your actions, it may be listening to her lengthy speech or going out with her or supporting her in front of others, etc. When a girl is close to your heart, she should be your top priority.

3. Trust / Faith

Both men and women in a relationship should be loyal to each other. The trust that we put as the base will make the building of love stronger for a longer period of time. The relationship should be very transparent without any hidden truth.

4. Time

Nowadays time is most valued than money as people have money to spend on their loved ones but not their time. Your valuable is very much valuable for your girl also. Most of the boys spend enough time with their girls before marriage but post-marriage it will be reversed. Make your girl understand that you are not that type. At least, we are going to live in this world for a lesser amount of time which can be spent for our loved ones who can stand by us even in our hard times.

5. Money Based On Their Type

We can easily say “money should not be a matter in a relationship” but the reason for 75% of divorce cases is the money involved in running the family. Hence we cannot approve that money does not decide love. But the amount of money required is based on the girl’s character. This means a girl can be a spendthrift or tightwad. But you should at least be earning the money that will satisfy her basic needs.

6. Respect and Understanding

Girls are to be respected. They have sacrificed or yet to sacrifice many things for you. Hence giving respect is very much important. Also, understand their pain and emotions and act accordingly. This will help to grow a better understanding between you and your girl.

7. Compliments

Girls have always complimented freaks. They expect compliments for every one of their actions and looks and attires. But in reality, this is not possible. But at least you can try to compliment them whenever they wear a new dress/accessories or they do something better.

8. Emotions and Romance

Survey results conclude girls are more emotional than boys. Also, they want their emotions to be well understood and reacted to by their boyfriend. Many boys have this habit of kidding about a girl’s emotions. But when it comes to a long-term relationship, it really matters. Another important aspect here is romance. Romance is like the heartbeat of any relationship. It should be exhibited in every one of our actions.

9. Cute Surprise Gifts

Most of the girls really don’t care about the cost of the gift but the time and place you give them matters. Remembering every date like your love proposal date, her birthday, her parent’s wedding day, valentines day, your engagement date, your marriage date and greeting them on the same with a hug/kiss along with a small special gift will be appreciated by her. Try it.

10. Love Notes

Love notes always win. In the olden days, people used to express their feelings through letters which is not possible now in our rapid life. At least we can try to express our love for them through love notes. That too as we already discussed girls are more emotional than boys. They definitely take these seriously and this will help to increase her love for you.

Follow these and let us know your comments on each of the tips above. Thanks for reading!!!

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