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2021 was undoubtedly a milestone year in TATA 1mg journey that started back in 2015. It is only due to people’s unwavering support that they step into the eighth year stronger than ever, relentlessly advancing in their mission. On their 7th anniversary, they would like to celebrate their 7 key stakeholders who played a pivotal role in strengthening them.

1. Everything starts with the customer

Making faster delivery of medicines their mission, they swiftly scaled up delivery capabilities to deliver medicines in as little as 2 hours in most of the major cities. Another feather in the hat was the launch of 4 retail stores in Gurgaon. You may find our next store very soon in your neighborhood. They have also expanded their lab footprint across India with 9 labs, including a 24,000 sq ft National Reference Lab in Delhi.

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2. Joining the Tata Family

The headlining announcement that they made last year was about their partnership with the Tata Group. Together, they have embarked on a journey to create India’s most trusted healthcare company that sets the benchmark of excellence for the entire industry.

3. Tata 1mg Team

Today, 1000+ women are a key part of their high-quality team of 5000, professionals who deliver the highest level of care to their customers. We feel good that in 4 of their warehouses, today 55%+ of the workforce is women. Not just growing by numbers but also by skills, they have conducted about 190 behavioral training programs across the organization, along with Manager Development Skills and Leadership Programs.

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4. Deepening Relationships with Pharma Companies

They have expanded their partnerships with pharmaceutical companies on Specialty Pharma Patient Support Programs and Patient Assistance Programs (PSPs and PAPS) for 81 medicines across Oncology, Rheurriatology, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Haematology, Respiratory, Neurology, and many others.

5. Joining Hands with Healthcare Providers

Their partnership with eNext ICU led by Dr. Sandeep Dewan (Director, Head of critical care unit at Fortis Gurgaon) and other senior doctors from top hospitals like Fortis and Medanta has been instrumental in providing quality health care assistance, especially during times of emergency. They have initiated partnerships with IPD and OPDs across some of the most important hospitals in India and they shall witness significant scaling up in the coming financial year. During the pandemic, they partnered with 14 hospitals and 10 corporates across the country to support the hospital ecosystem during an acute shortage of essential medicines.

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6. Public Health

They worked alongside the Clinton Health Access Initiative toward Tuberculosis eradication. Their work and efforts were recognized and featured by the World Health Organisation.

7. Encouraging Corporate Wellness & Health

Their collaboration with 130+ organizations under the Corporate Wellness Program covers 900,000+ employees. Their key portfolio of clients includes Google, Ola, Aditya Birla Group, TAM Autocomp, NPCI, TATA Electronics, Pernod Ricard, Nagarro, and many more!

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They are happy to say that they have built a platform that not just provides healthcare products and services that a patient requires but also cares for them while leaving no stone unturned. Today, they feel a sense of gratitude toward everyone who has been part of this journey. Below is the saying from TATA 1mg.

Thank you for trusting in our expertise and referring us to your loved ones. We hope to continuously receive your support in the future too, as we promise to make Tata lmg your health partner for life.


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