Learn Traffic vs Backlinks

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A webmaster is a person who maintains one or more websites. The job of maintaining a website is not an easy one. A webmaster has to be vigilant of the website’s traffic and needs to work towards gradually enhancing the same. This he can achieve through search engine optimization (SEO).
SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of a web site in the search results of a search engine. A widely employed method of doing so is garnering backlinks for the website. A backlink, also popularly called an inbound link is nothing but a hyperlink that links from a web page, back to your own web page or web site. Backlinks are the most significant parameter of Google’s PageRank algorithm. PageRank, named after one of Google’s founders, Lary Page, is an algorithm for determining importance of a website, and it does so by evaluating the number of backlinks a web site currently has. Although traffic is not directly linked with Pagerank, if a website be promoted enough to be having substantial number of backlinks, the traffic is bound to eventually increase.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links on other websites which link back to your website or blog. All major search engines consider the number of backlinks a website possesses as a significant determining factor of the website’s popularity. Most rating tools like Google’s PageRank use backlinks to grade a website.

It is observed that web sites with more backlinks gross more traffic. There is a relationship of direct proportionality between the backlinks and the traffic a web site gets. A higher page rank eventually leads to more people landing in your website.

What is traffic?

Traffic is the term used to refer to the number of people visiting your website daily. The more innovation and skill you employ in building your website, more will be the traffic the website will experience. Netizens get attracted to smart trendy websites with ample original content. Backlinks are also instrumental in building traffic for a web site. The crux is that backlinks and traffic of a web site go hand in hand.

Traffic and your Google Search Result Position

Search engine result position (SERP) helps to determine how high a website is rated by the volume of traffic it enjoys. A 2010 Chitika study, a popular online adertising network, reveals that the first Google search result receives 34 percent of all clicks, followed by the second which receives only 17 percent and third which was reported to have received 11 percent.

If you want a significant traffic increase in your site then you have to focus on increasing your SERP ranking. The key to achieve high SERP ranking is your backlink count in high authority sites or blogs(the ones with high PageRank). The other way you can boost your SERP rank is by improving your site which eventually increases the traffic also.

Traffic and Backlinks are in cooperation vital

Putting everything we learnt about search engine optimization in a nutshell, traffic and backlinks of a web site are two very closely knit jargons. An increase or decrease in any one of them will invariably impact the other. Also, you have to remember that the bottomline is, to achieve any of these two, you have no other option but to provide substance of very high quality in your website. Your site must stand tall in the crowd of the other hundreds of websites providing equivalent content. Once this goal is achieved, automatically you will find your site being rewarded with higher SERP from search engines and backlinks from other webmasters.