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How to Show Different Menus to Logged in WordPress Users

In WordPress, there is an option to create multiple menus but no condition to make it visible only for logged in users or guest. Users might need this option to show different menus to logged in WordPress users for various scenarios like “login menu and guest post items should visible only for guest” and “logout [...]

2019-08-04T20:39:00+05:30April 10th, 2016|WordPress|3 Comments

10+ Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

WordPress is the web software which helps users to create a website or blog in few minutes. So lot of people choosing WordPress to start their business, making a information sharing site, etc. Since they are new to WordPress, they don’t know the basic settings and doing some mistakes which is commonly done by beginners [...]

2019-08-04T20:38:56+05:30December 19th, 2015|WordPress|0 Comments

Top 16 Best Free Essential WordPress Plugins

Since you are in this page, I believe that you know about WordPress or you might running a WordPress blog. However it’s my duty to introduce about WordPress. What is WordPress? WordPress is the powerful and standard web software used to create and manage website, blog or app according to the user need. There is [...]

2019-08-04T20:38:57+05:30December 8th, 2015|WordPress|0 Comments

Setup Amazon CloudFront CDN WordPress using W3 Total Cache

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has provides lot of products in various technology to the individual to enterprises level. AWS CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN) which delivers data in very high speed. Below I have given the detailed step by step guide for integrating Amazon CloudFront CDN WordPress using W3 Total Cache plugin. [...]

2019-08-04T20:38:54+05:30July 20th, 2015|WordPress|2 Comments

How to Build a Website on Microsoft

Microsoft Office Live provides you with the opportunity for hassle free creation of website even if you have no earlier experience of website creation.  This is a very easy and reasonable way of making website for small business or hobby purpose. Microsoft Live Small Business provides you with excellent features like website hosting, email and [...]

2019-08-04T20:38:44+05:30December 23rd, 2013|WordPress|0 Comments

5 Ways to Protect Yourself While Shopping on the Internet

Internet provides you with the opportunity to shop online. So there is no end to the extent your access can expand once you choose electronic media for your shopping. However, those who shop online must also know that internet is susceptible to fraudulent activities. When you shop online you need to provide all your banking [...]

2017-06-05T19:40:37+05:30December 9th, 2013|WordPress|0 Comments