How to Play PS2 Game with USB

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PS2 games can be stored in a USB and played through it than a game system itself. This enhances the life time of game console and help in storing large quantity of game data in small device. To play the games it requires a product called “Swap Magic” along with a mod chip.


1 Download USB advanced software and save the files in a new folder. Extract the two files present inside the folder “USB Advance – PC – Software” in C drives. You will find two other files in the main folder of size 1KB and 34520KB both labeled as “USB Advance”. Burn these files in a CD – R. Finally open the zip file “USB Extreme Wininst” and save in a new folder.

2 Plug on the USB and find its format. In case it is not FAT32, them right-click on USB devices and select “Quick Format”. Go to “My Computer”, select “Properties” Choose “Device Manager” and select external USB drive Select Properties then policies and “Optimize Performance”. This helps games to select mbps rate.

3 Save the game to the USB device by inserting the PS2 game into computers DVD – ROM drive. Go to Start -> Run -> type “cmd”. Now go to C drive and use command

ul_install [Source] [Target] [Game Name] [CD or DVD]

where [Source] – letter of DVD drive

[Target] -letter for USB drive

[Game Name] – Name of disc/game in DVD

CD/DVD – depends in-game. To decide on this go to my computer and right-click on game disk in case the size is less than 700MB it is CD else DVD.

Ex: if DVD drive=D:

USB drive=J:

Then command would be “ul_install D J <GameName> DVD”

4 Insert the swap magic disc to PS2 console and turn on the game system. When swap magic screen pops up, load USB program from CD burned earlier. Now USB can be connected to PS2 and now choose the game to play, press “X” and games loads for playing.

Tips & Warnings

  • Swap magic disk needs to be a purchased one. A burned disk will not work.

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