How to Save PS2 Games to a USB Drive

Published On: July 31st, 2013|Last Updated: July 31st, 2013|Categories: Video Games|Total Views: 4273|Daily Views: 3|

To save game data and information the Sony PlayStation PS2 uses special memory cards. These are specifically designed for Play stations and mostly other devices have no interface connection with them. But using special adapter this can be quickly connected to computer. And game data can be copied to hard drive or USB flash drive.

Key Steps to Save PS2 Games:

  • Insert the PSP memory card in to the PS2 Memory card-to-USB adapter.
  • Plug the adapter to your computer. Wait till it’s detected and configured automatically.
  • Insert USB flash drive to an open USB port.
  • Go to “My Computer” and open the drive present under “Removable Media” section.
  • Browse to the folder on the memory card which has game data that needs to be saved to USB flash drive. Copy the data.
  • Paste the data into USB flash drive folder.
  • Remove the memory card and USB flash drive from the system.

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