Top 7 Corporate Etiquettes Everyone Should Follow

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When you are working in Top MNC’s, you will be expected to follow certain corporate etiquettes. Those are listed below,

1. Conversation Styles

When it comes to corporate, your way of communication decides who you are and where you are from. Being a polite speaker gets you a lot of good respect and friends at work. These simple etiquettes to be followed,

  • When you are inside the office campus, always talk in a low or moderate pitch and a pleasant tone.
  • If you want to have a discussion with more than one colleague, use any discussion room available at the campus.
  • Always use decent, acceptable language and vocabulary.

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2. Food and cafeteria Etiquette

A cafeteria is a place where etiquette will not be followed most of the time. But it’s the place where a good range of cleanliness and hygiene needs to be followed.

  • Follow and maintain queue in food courts and when boarding buses and avoid crowding
  • Show table manners while eating
  • Try to avoid spending most of the time at the cafeteria.

3. Email Tips

Email is the top official communication medium at any office. Therefore, it needs to follow certain etiquettes,

  • Have proper greeting and subject line whenever you draft mail from professional ID.
  • Always report problems along with their solution.
  • Use correct grammar and appropriate tone and signature should not be more than 4 – 7 lines.
  • Always use spell check and try to fit the entire mail in a single screen(mostly).

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4. Teleconferencing Tips

In work-from-home culture, teleconferencing plays a vital role. Many times even when working from the office, the team may be connecting from different location offices.

  • Always keep all details in hand before attending a teleconferencing call and do not keep people waiting.
  • Have a clear objective and simple agenda and distribute the same to all invited members before the call
  • Identify yourself every time you speak and speak in a normal voice; Avoid disruptive noise and side conversations

5. Wash Room manners and responsibilities

The washroom is another place where good discipline and higher hygienic customs to be followed.

  • If you see any unhygienic instances, report them to the admin team immediately. Don’t hesitate to do the same thereby keeping up sanity at the office.
  • On noting any low/zero stocks of any resource at the facility, get it to the attention of the concerned team asap
  • Try to use the washroom with utmost responsibility and make sure that it’s usable for others also.

6. Time management

Time management is one of the key factors for corporate success. Hence keep managing your work hours.

  • Always make a ‘To-Do’ list and check each item in the list when it’s completed. This will give maximum satisfaction and maintain a work-life balance.
  • Always distinguish between urgent and important work. Prioritize on urgent work.

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7. Stress management

Managing your stress always helps in managing a healthy work-life. Follow these to manage your work stress,

  • Take a five-minute break every hour or so.
  • A strategy of planned breaks is ideal for getting new thoughts.
  • Do not set very high standards & expectations for yourself. Try to be realistic.
  • Analyze what went wrong when you commit a mistake at work.
  • Show a positive attitude. Observe your thoughts and challenge your thoughts if it’s unreasonable.

Hope this post was useful for those who start their career in IT or those who aspire for an IT career.

Please let us know if you have any additional etiquette to be mentioned that is not in the above list.

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