10 Easy Ways to Improve English Communication Skills

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We all know that, how much really important to have good communication skill in an English. English is most worldwide accepted language. When you learn and have commando over language you can win and travel anywhere in the world. There is a saying who has good commando over English language and able to understand mathematics can understand any other subjects will be easy. So let’s get to know what those tricks which can make improve English communication skill are.

Let me share you my own story of learning English. I am from very interior part of country India. In our town we never know the value of learning English, it was not required also. Once the situation came where we have to step into metro cities and to live in metro cities you know who much important to get a job. Wherever I used to go for an interview I had been rejected due to poor communication skill. Luckily I was in a metro city where my local language is also used. I got an invitation for face to face interview. i said only my name in English and that much only I was prepared. From next sentence I used my local language and explained them my situation my English is poor and I also convinced them in a given chance I will put my 100% effort to learn. I got the job in that company and filled confident in me and I proved them that they did not do mistake of giving a chance. I followed only these below steps to improve English communication skill.

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One fine day I got comment also that “I am good in English communication with fluent and accent”. I felt so happy to hear that and I achieved my target. But still I continue below steps to enhance my knowledge about English.

1. Read Newspaper

Read Newspaper every day without failure. This habit you may fell difficult in the beginning but this will be your first effective way to enhance you knowledge about a language. Choose the newspaper which you can read it and understand easily. These days newspaper is even available in on-line as well, so do not miss any day.

2. Speak Speak Speak

Only reading may give you knowledge about language, it will be only effective once you start applying those words in practical. Do not worry about what others think, it is very common to make mistake in the initial period. Trust me those mistake will definitely make your communication strong. Until and unless you start speak and make mistake you will not get the fluency in the language.

3. Watch English channels

We know it is very boring to many of people to watch English news channels for the purpose of learning. Hence we recommend you to watch your interesting channel in which they are talking in English frequently. You may not understand it in initial days but keep watching on often, later you will be used and you will be introduced to new words.

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4. English movies with Subtitle

This is one of my favorite activity which I did it when I wanted to learn. I dreamt of having fluency in English and this is the one which helped me to have my dream come true. Initially I was watching English movies with subtitles and was trying to complete it before next subtitle comes. Do not worry if you are not understanding, gradually your speed in reading will increase and you will start understanding it.

5. Friend who understand only English

Yes, it’s really works. When you have a person who do not know any other language, you will try to explain the situation in English only. Yes that’s what will make your speaking skill improve and since you already have a knowledge on English by reading newspaper those hidden words will come out automatically.

6. Listen to Improve English Communication Skills

When we see a person speaking in English very fluently, we also feel to have fluency in the same way but really we do what to improve it..? Yes, listening skill is one of most effective skill. Concentrate on what opponent are speaking and how they are pronouncing the words. When you concentrate those words will sit in corner of your mind. Start pronouncing those words immediately in your next communication with others.

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7. Dictionary

While you start your above steps dictionary will be your best friend always. Learning is never ending process, so carry dictionary always. When you are stuck to understand the word meaning take a help of it. We strongly suggest you to use English to English dictionary for better understanding in framing sentences and use that particular word. If you are failed to understand then you can go for English to your own preferred language.

8. Read Kids Novels

Try to buy or get kids novels from your neighbor, because kid’s story books will be very simple to read and understand. It will really work out for the beginners. You will be introduced to the basic world of English.

9. Speak clearly

You are beginner and when you are trying to approach someone in English it is essential to speak clearly rather than concentrating on fluent. Fluent will only come by continues talk. So whenever you get a chance to speak English language go and grab it, this will improve your confidence to speak in any stage and in front of any people.

10. Think in English

It is very common that we think in our local language and then we try to convert that in to an English language, which will make you to hold the fluency. Hence even while preparing sentence in your mind think in English. During these learning process you should think in English, eat in English and sleep in English until you reach your target. I mean you should not use any local language any time to reach your target.

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If you follow all these steps, you can see the changes in your confident level and the commando over English. These steps I wrote based on my personal experience.

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