If some people sit in front of the computer, they forget the entire world. They even forget to eat, sleep and to do their daily works. They get hide into the magical world.Parents will get proud that their son is always working in computer. But they don’t know, this is also one type of addiction. If more than 40 hours you spending the time on internet, its called an Internet Addiction Disorder. Normally chatting, Mailing, playing games is not a problem.

The symptoms of Internet Addiction Disorder are listed below

  1. You feel very lonely, when the Internet connection is not available.
  2. You get very angry, when somebody done a small disturbance.
  3. You always love the loneliness.
  4. You cannot able to sleep.
  5. Without any reason, fighting with your friends.If you have the above symptoms, you must try to get recover from it.

    Internet Addiction is divided into 5 types.

That are listed below

  1. Chatting Addiction: Some people always used to chat in social networking sites.
  2. Always using the Internet for Shopping Addiction.
  3. Internet trading Addiction.
  4. Internet banking Addiction.
  5. Downloading Addiction: Most of the people interested to download movies, books, songs, images, etc..The latest survey report tells that there are five to ten percent peoples are suffering in any of the above addiction. This type of people will have psychology problems like stress, fear, etc. So they use the Internet as a tool to forget these problems. Internet Addiction Disorder also affects the ear and eyes functions. Finally, our working skills and life will be affected.

    Parents, friends, teachers should combine to recover the youngsters from the Internet Addiction Disorder by loving and caring them. They can also get advice from the Psychologists. You must have a self control to recover from the Internet Addiction Disorder.