Are You Addicted to the Internet? Recover Now

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If some people sit in front of the computer, they forget the entire world. They even forget to eat, sleep and to do their daily works. They get hide into the magical world. Parents will get proud that their son is always working in computer. But they don’t know, this is also one type of addiction. If more than 40 hours you spending the time on internet, its called an Internet Addiction Disorder. Normally chatting, Mailing, playing games is not a problem.

The symptoms of Internet Addiction Disorder are listed below

  1. You feel very lonely when the Internet connection is not available.
  2. You get very angry when somebody did a small disturbance.
  3. You always love the loneliness.
  4. You cannot able to sleep.
  5. Without any reason, fighting with your friends. If you have the above symptoms, you must try to get recover from them.

Internet Addiction is divided into 4 types.

Those are listed below.

  1. Chatting Addiction:

This is very common nowadays with an increased number of Chat apps online. Set a time limit for your chats and make your status as “call preferred”. Instead of typing many texts and expecting a reply for the same, you can call the concerned person and talk to them about the concern.

  1. Shopping Addiction.

Have you ever been roaming around in shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra without any thing in your mind to buy. This will be a habit for many. Many people will be surfing through shopping sites without any intention to buy anything. This will eventually change to addiction which will waste lot of our money and time.

Therefore, before visiting a shopping site, decide on your requirement and budget and then move on.

  1. Gaming Addiction.

Many Childrens and youngsters are addicted to gaming websites and apps which will definitely collapse their body stability and lead to below issues,

  • Disturbed brain activity
  • Less attention
  • Mental Ill health
  • Vision Problem etc.

4. Social Media Addiction:

Though social media plays a very big role in internet world, it need not occupy a major part of one’s everyday schedule.

This can be handled by shortening usage time of social media apps altogether every day. It should not become a major part rather than just a fun part in life. Also, we can avoid following those unknown profiles which can be a fake and doesn’t add any value.

The latest survey report tells that there are five to ten percent people are suffering in any of the above addictions. This type of people will have psychology problems like stress, fear, etc. So they use the Internet as a tool to forget these problems. Internet Addiction Disorder also affects the ear and eyes functions. Finally, our working skills and life will be affected.


Parents, friends, teachers should combine to recover the youngsters from the Internet Addiction Disorder by loving and caring them. They can also get advice from the Psychologists. We must have a self-control to recover from the Internet Addiction Disorder.


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