Tips to Survive Your Next Tech Disaster

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A house decked up with lot of gadgets for comfort can be a disaster when one of it decides not to co-operate and stops functioning. Most of the gadgets one connected with one another’s and one being UN functional can affect the other catastrophically.

There are five golden rules of home tech essential for preventing tech disaster.

Always have reliable backup:

Tack a backup data of all your personal data so you can have it safe. It is even better to have dual backup one in a simple hard disk and other online.

Keep recovery checklist:

In case you need to rebuild your computer one need to reused all program, set up email, reconnect printer and so on which is not simple and function to do.

But having a checklist reduces the task. Note down all steps you need for getting new system and making it functional, also with special setting.

Change only one thing at a time:

In case you are upgrading | replacing | fixing few gadgets change one at a time when you change it, make sure everything else is working fine for a day | two before you move to next one.

The simplest so in is always the best solution:

Usually solution to problem is always simple. We, searching for complicated ones, ignore the simple, most obvious solution. So think of the simple solution to solve the issue.

Have a cookie:

Don’t get frustrated when faced with the technical glitch. Take a break, have a cookie. Take a look at the problem with clear mind. It helps solving the problem with ease.

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