10 Tricks to Make Baby Sleep Through the Night

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How to make Baby Sleep though the night?

For a new mommy, it will be difficult to manage their new baby. Especially, they will find it very difficult to make them sleep through the night. But following are the simple tricks to make your little ones sleep well without making him burst out.

1. Self-swaddle

Swaddle your little one keeping in your arms or lap gently.
You can do it by standing or sitting position. But be careful with standing position to grip the baby in your arms. With this you can also pat him on his chest or stomach very gently, singing a lullaby but don’t interact with him or see his eyes that might deviate him from sleeping.

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2. Using Swaddler (Hammock)

Swaddle baby till she sleeps in swaddler either in vertical or horizontal position. Here you can buy a swaddler from shop or you can make your own using a saree. But don’t use a rough saree as it will not provide good ventilation for your princess.
Be careful with the position you place the baby and make sure that he is not uncomfortable sleeping in swaddler.

Sleep Through the Night

3. Warm Bath & Oil Massage

You can give general oil massage and give a warm bath after some time. Don’t leave the baby with oil applied on his baby for a long time which will destroy his comfort. Be careful while massaging and bathing as the baby’s body and neck muscles are not yet stronger. You should face his eyes and interact with him or sing for him while doing the same. Use a clean soap and towel for bath. You can check the temperature of water for baby bath using your elbow or your wrist. You can also clean your baby with soft cloth dipped in warm water during evening/night time

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4. Tummy – Full

Babies are just like us if the tummy is full then automatically, they will go to sleep. Make sure his tummy is full. If the tummy is full his stomach will be fluffy but this may also be due to gas. Please check for other signs as well like closing lips on keeping nipple near his mouth

5. Dim the Lights

Dim/ turn off the outside and inside lights that focuses on your baby. You can also use dim lights. Going forward, this will also help your baby to understand that it’s the time to sleep though the night.

6. Turn off/reduce Sounds

Get rid of any sounds and make her room in silence if you could. This will help them go to deep sleep through the night which will help in brain development. Some babies also enjoy sleeping in a soothing background noise. Get to know your baby in this case

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7. Exposure to Air

He should have plenty of air exposed. You can keep a table fan near her but check out that does not affect her breathe. Baby will not feel good if there is a lack of good air around her. Remove if he has any tight outfits which will not provide good ventilation.

8. Change Diaper

Always before settling down for sleep check whether your baby has any poo in his diaper. Also check whether his diaper is wet and full with his Pee if so change with a new diaper.CuCu sleep

9. Check for the Room Temperature

Settle your baby with a blanket /sweater if you could feel the chillness in air. This will help your baby to get a good sleep during rainy days.

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10. Wait & Stay Calm

Even after following all the above steps, you may not make your baby to sleep and your baby may behave restless or playful, then don’t force your little to sleep, let them go to sleep once they get tired. It’s your duty to wait and watch over them till that.

Hope these tips will help you and your little ones to get a very good sleep.

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