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How to Naturally Boost Immune System

The word 'immune' comes from the Latin word 'Immunis', meaning 'untouched'. Immunity is the body's ability to protect itself from 'foreign bodies'. This includes killing harmful cells, clearing up dust which gets in the lungs and fighting infections etc. When your immunity weakens, illnesses occur. Here are some natural ways to help you boost immune [...]

2020-04-23T19:45:01+05:30August 21st, 2019|Health|0 Comments

Stroke Prevention, Risk Factors & Warning Signs

Anyone can have a Stroke Many people believe that stroke occurs only in older people, but it can strike anyone at anytime. In fact, in India, nearly one-fifth of people admitted to hospitals with first-ever stroke are aged 40 or less. What is Stroke? A stroke is a medical emergency wherein the blood supply to [...]

2019-08-21T12:00:18+05:30August 20th, 2019|Health|0 Comments

How to Manage and Reduce Mental Stress

All stressed out? Nearly 9 in 10 young Indians suffer from mental stress. Did you know, some colours can be good stress-busters? let's explore how the colours of the Indian flag help you to reduce mental stress. Saffron/Orange: An instant mood booster, this colour can induce refreshed energy and enthusiasm in you. You must have [...]

2019-08-20T17:31:56+05:30August 20th, 2019|Health|0 Comments

Banish Morning Fatigue to Supercharge Your Mornings

What happens when you wake up? Several body functions increase in the morning in order to awaken you from sleep: Your heart rate increases. Your breathing becomes quicker and of greater volume. Your circulation and blood flow increases. Your brain produces different brainwaves.. All of your organ systems (liver and kidney function, digestion, metabolism) increase [...]

2019-08-11T00:18:52+05:30August 11th, 2019|Health|1 Comment

5 Must-Have Products to Make Breastfeeding Easier

For healthy mom and baby Breastfeeding at universal levels can, Save 8.23 lakh infant lives per year globally. Prevent 20,000 deaths from breast cancer worldwide annually. Products to Make Breastfeeding Easier Breast pump A breast pump lets you to express and store milk for consumption by the baby later. Besides being useful for working moms, [...]

2019-08-08T01:33:16+05:30August 8th, 2019|Health|0 Comments

How Friends Can Make You Healthier

Did you know your Friends Can Make You Healthier ? Most of the people have lot of friends with different types of characters. Only close friends use to meet and talk often remaining friends may talk only in the friendship day. Indirectly your friends helping you to make you healthier and increase your lifespan. You [...]

2019-08-04T22:06:07+05:30August 4th, 2019|Health|0 Comments