Banish Morning Fatigue to Supercharge Your Mornings

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What happens when you wake up?

Several body functions increase in the morning in order to awaken you from sleep:

  1. Your heart rate increases.
  2. Your breathing becomes quicker and of greater volume.
  3. Your circulation and blood flow increases.
  4. Your brain produces different brainwaves..
  5. All of your organ systems (liver and kidney function, digestion, metabolism) increase back to “waking” values.

For most people, the body takes time to get back in to the ‘wake up’ mode, leading to morning sluggishness.

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Tips to help you Banish Morning Fatigue

1. Don’t hit the snooze button

Having fragmented sleep towards the last half hour of your sleep leads to feeling sleepy all day.

2. Drink a glass of water the first thing

Even being mildly dehydrated may cause fatigue and trigger feelings of sleepiness, changes in cognitive ability, and mood disruptions.

3. Stretch your body

When you are asleep at night, your muscles are relaxed to the point of being paralysed. Stretching, or a short workout session, reactivates them and releases energy-stimulating endorphins.

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4. Take a cold water shower

Take a cold water shower as it increases your overall oxygen intake as well as your heart rate. This releases a blood rush through your body, giving you a natural energy dose for the day.

5. Make sure to have breakfast

As per a study, skipping breakfast may lead to low energy levels & poor attentiveness throughout the day.* Make your mornings healthy with our healthy snack range.

6. Have LESS tea/coffee

But don’t avoid it completely. Though tea and coffee give you an energy boost, an over consumption may cause increased fatigue later. Green coffee is healthier than your regular cup of black.

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7. Practice good sleep habits

Besides getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night, turn off all gadgets at least an hour before sleep, try sleeping at the same time every night and create a comfortable sleeping environment. Having a healthy morning routine can make your days more productive and contribute to overall wellness. Talk to a specialist to get more guidance for a good night sleep and to banish morning fatigue.

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