How to Buy Used Electronics

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We buy second hand things (like car, furniture or even clothes) but buying used electronics still looks a far fetched idea as it gives always an idea that it might stop working once you reach home. But buying used electronics can save money and reduce wastage.

You will probably come out on top if you take the following steps:

  1. Research the product: Lifetime of each product is different. Different product has different version. Some might have known fault to them. Read the reviews online and get a fair idea of the product. These gives preliminary research which helps to point out where exactly look for in the product.
  2. Familiarize with the lingo: A refurbished product is one sent to the manufacturer for cosmetic reason. A reconditioned item has been used and fired comes with warranty from computer not from manufacturer.
  3. Get to know who fixed the product: If the product was fixed by manufacturer or third party.
  4. Check the product has a decent warranty: Find how long the warranty and what it covers is a short warranty depicts less confidence in the product.
  5. Get to know about the return and exchange policy.
  6. Test the product before buying it in case it’s possible.
  7. Keep the receipts and paper work you received safe for future needs. If includes warranty of product, receipts of cash paid for future replacements.

Tips &warnings

  • Some stores give in trade in program where old electronics to get credit towards new ones.
  • Read the descriptions carefully when purchasing it online.
  • Buy many credit card as they provide protection for purchases.
  • Sometime refurbished computer lasts longer than brand new ones.
  • A good thing to buy electronic online is you get shipping insurance.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask question! Test the product before buying never assume anything.

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