Change WordPress default admin Username in 3 methods

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WordPress is the most popular web software to create blog or website. Once you installed WordPress, you will have the default username “admin”. If you didn’t changed this, then hackers will easily hack your account by using “admin” as username and some other passwords to login to your admin account. Even though WordPress has many features, it doesn’t provide option to change the username directly. Use one of the following methods to change WordPress default admin username:

3 Methods to Change WordPress default admin Username

Method 1: Manual way

Create a new user. Go to Dashboard and then click “Users”.

In the User page, click “Add User” and fill your custom username, email id and password, then select “Role” as “Administrator”.

Now your WordPress blog has two administrator accounts. Logout and then login with custom username and delete the default “admin” account by Go to “All Users” page and tick the check box of the default admin account and select “delete” from the drop down and click “Apply”.

Now you have the custom username with administrator privilege.

Method 2: Using Plugin

Use the below plugin to change the admin username in WordPress easily.


Follow the instructions provided in the plugin page. If you know any plugins to change WordPress default admin username, please give it in comments.

Method 3:Change WordPress default admin Username in Database

Please take back up of your files and database before proceeding with this method.

  1. Login to your database using phpMyAdmin.
  2. You may find the list of tables in database. Find the table names “wp-user” in the list and click browse button. Then the new web page opens with list of records in the table “wp-user”.
  3. Find the record named “Admin” and click pencil button near to that record to edit.
  4. Replace the “user-login” field with your custom username and save the record.

Now your default “admin” username changed to custom username.

Tips & Warnings

  • In Method 1, nick name and username should not be same, because your nick name is visible to everyone as author name.
  • In Method 3, if any unexpected things happen, then restore the database.

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