How to Check Your Internet Connection Speed

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There are several online services like McAfee, TELUS and, which checks your internet downloading and uploading speed and gives you a detailed report of webpage loading speed, video buffering speed and music. Test your upload speed in, which gives you upload speed report of how fast files were uploaded from your computer to the internet. You can find that upload speed is always lesser than downloading speed. To get real broadband speed for wireless network, using Ethernet cable, connect your computer directly to the router.


McAfee Internet Connection Speedometer

  1. Open McAfee Internet Connection Speedometer in a new browser window.
  2. Click the “Test Now” link at the bottom of the page. Then test begins by sending 150 KB file to the web browser. If the transferring speed is less than 1 sec, then second test starts by sending large files.
  3. Then you can find your broadband speed by looking the Speedometer at the right side. This will not work if your internet connection is more that 2 mbps.

  1. Open a new browser window and go to link. It will take some time to load user interface depending on your internet speed. A triangle indicates your place in the map. The dots in the map show servers to send and receive data, which is used to test your internet speed. Your IP address with internet service provider is appearing in the right bottom.
  2. Just click the “Begin Test” to start your test. It automatically chooses the server which is nearest to your place. It will test the ping, download speed and upload speed and displays the report on the screen.
  3. Ping part shows how long it took to send and receive ping from server. Ping is to make sure the connection was made between server and your system.
  4. Download speed was calculated by downloading a small file from the server. Once its done, you can find the downloading speed below the “Download Speed” section.
  5. Watch the speedometer and the icons again to watch your upload speed. The upload speed was displayed at the top of the screen when the test was completed.
  6. Upload speed was calculated and displayed in the “Upload Speed” section. You can watch the range of speed in the speedometer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Before beginning the test, always make sure that no one in your home using the internet by anyway, because it will affect the testing and shows improper result.
  • The speed which was calculated is always less than what your service provider promises.

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