China Bans Windows 8 on Government Computers

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Chinese government had requested Microsoft to continue Windows XP system support at least in his own country. But Microsoft refused the request, so the China Bans Windows 8 on Government Computers. The ban was implemented only in government offices and normal people are allowed to use. However, if people created digital files using windows 8 and communicating with government offices, then the files should be compatible with Windows XP since Government using Windows XP to work.


Chinese state press agency sinkuva (Xinhua) announced, due to security reasons, Windows 8 was banned and will not be used in Chinese government offices, servers, computers, laptops and in all other products.


Microsoft’s corporate management replied that operating systems are designed by implementing all the security measures of the government to protect a country’s public hearing. Similarly, got all the security features from the Chinese government to design Windows 8 system. Therefore, it’s not acceptable by avoiding windows 8 for security reasons. Furthermore, using Windows XP will yield higher risk since no Microsoft support will be provided. This ban will affect Microsoft’s software business.


By this China twisted the arms of Microsoft and may be forcing Microsoft to provide continue support on Windows XP.
Since there is no proper relationship between the Chinese government and the U.S. government, it’s expected that the Chinese authorities were continue to use the Linux operating systems.


Microsoft has a big surprise on the ban announcement of China. However, it does not seem to have been concerned for the company. However, Government banning this type of technical appliance is not the right move. Previously, Russia imposed a ban on Apple devices. Instead of Apple devices, the Russian government officials used Samsung tablet PC. The reason was announced by Russian Government that the confidential items should store in safe place and Apple devices are not capable to protect.


At 2011, Microsoft chief executive officer Steve Ballmer announced that they are getting very less income from Chinese trade comparing to other countries. In China, very less number of systems are using original operating systems whereas much of the systems are functioning in copy pirated operating systems.So Microsoft not getting expected income from China.


Irish research company announced that, in China currently 3.4% of Windows 8 systems, 44.1% of Windows XP and 47.2% of Windows 7 systems have been used.

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