How to connect PC to TV

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TV is usually used to watch TV programs and movies. But we can Hook up a TV as PC monitor. Connect PC display to TV and watch movies, browse internet in TV screen. Follow the below steps to hook up a TV:


1Find the HDMI, VGA or DVI port on your Laptop or your Desktop.

2There is a DVI, HDMI or VGA cable, which is used to connect PC to TV. It has two ends.

3Connect one end to the desktop or Laptop.

4Use the other end of the cable to connect the TV. (Note: New model TV only has this option)

5Make sure the connection is successful and then select TV source as PC. If you have HDMI cable, then select HDMI and connect PC to HDMI TV.

6Now restart your computer and you can see whatever you are doing on the computer in the TV like PC monitor.

Tips & Warnings

  • You must use branded cable to connect PC to TV.
  • If the connection is not working, check whether the cable is working.
  • Depending on your TV, configuration might be different when you connect the cable.

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