Coronavirus and Pregnancy: What You Should Know

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The World Health Organization declared COVID as a pandemic and a public health emergency. COVID stands for Corona Virus Disease that has put the whole world under health threat. Many have died around the world due to Covid. It has been identified that Coronavirus spreads between people when they come in close contact with each other, shorter than 1-meter distance or below that. A person who comes in contact with another infected person gets infected when aerosols or droplets containing the virus are inhaled or come directly into contact with the eyes, nose, or mouth.

From its beginning, it has created a lot of myths and uncertainty among women who are carrying or breastfeeding on certain facts like,

  • Getting Covid when a woman is pregnant will impact her baby in the womb?
  • Can a Pregnant woman take Covid pills?
  • Can a carrying woman take vaccination? If so, from which month?
  • Whether Covid 19 vaccination safe on a pregnant woman and her baby?
  • Should the couples wait to get pregnant until Covid 19 is over to be on the safer side?

This blog will provide your thoughts on all the above questions.

Yes, a pregnant woman has a higher risk for a Covid pandemic as they have a higher risk of hospitalization and severe disease impact when compared to that woman who is not carrying. Pregnant woman gets severe illness and death rate when compared to that of others.

But also know that in all the Covid cases, babies do not get much impact of the virus. They are neither affected by respiratory illness nor get sick. This may give a long breath for many gestating women.

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Pregnant woman taking COVID pills

Usually, pregnant women are advised not to take any other pills without consultation with their maternal doctor as anything that they intake during these 10months may also impact their baby in the womb. So this may grow as a big question of whether to take COVID prescribed pills or not when you are pregnant.

Below are some important points to notice,

  • A pregnant or lactating woman who is tested Covid positive or asymptomatic should not take any medicine without the proper consent from their maternal doctor
  • A pregnant woman irrespective of their trimester should inform physicians that they are carrying when they visit them for COVID treatment as there will be certain guidelines or rules especially for treating COVID in a lactating or expecting woman.
  • A pregnant woman should visit a doctor as early as possible once they have any of the COVID symptoms such as fever, cold, diarrhea, or asymptomatic or get to know that they were in close contact with any of their relatives or friends who were diagnosed to have COVID
  • It is must and important to keep their maternal doctor be informed on Covid infection throughout their COVID treatment and get their approval whenever they were prescribed new medicines
  • The concerned woman who got treated for COVID and got completely cured of Illness should also mention the Covid history at the time of her delivery to the respective doctor.

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Vaccination during pregnancy

Vaccination during pregnancy is one of the million-dollar questions that every pregnant woman worries about. They worry as they either can take Covid risk or pregnancy risk. But WHO(World Health Organisation) has declared that pregnant women can be vaccinated against COVID-19, in consultation with their maternal doctor. They have also mentioned that there is no concern for pregnant ladies to vaccinate with different COVID vaccination drugs used worldwide.

Also, WHO insists that women working as frontline health workers should be vaccinated as soon as possible to get out of COVID risk for her and her unborn baby. Also, it includes women who are with health conditions hypertension (high blood pressure) and diabetes that are considered to be at high risk for COVID transmission and hence they have to be vaccinated the earliest.

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Should we wait until COVID settles?

If you are a couple postponing your baby all due to COVID fear, this is for you.

A recent report suggests pregnant women who are infected by COVID might be at higher risk for severe illness. It’s also found that they have no greater risk of dying from the virus than nonpregnant women of their age.

This says getting pregnant in this pandemic doesn’t cause much life threat to the woman specifically.

Still, any report related to COVID is not much studied they need to be further shaped as the cases differ from person to person. Especially it has been noted that the pandemic has created more stress and fear among those who are already expecting their baby or thinking to have a baby in their life.

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To conclude, it’s true that COVID has totally spoiled our normal life and most of us have started with our new normal life. Pregnancy is not an exception to this. Scientists and Doctors are striving their best to make pregnancy and childbirth safer than before.

Let’s hope for our best!

Please share your opinion or your maternal experience during the pandemic with us because you know how it’s difficult more than us!

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