Don’t pay for Google Adsense Account

Published On: March 1st, 2012|Last Updated: January 7th, 2023|Categories: Web Design|Total Views: 1425|Daily Views: 1|
Google Adsense is an advertising company which pays for displaying ads in your blog or website. They are not approving websites from China, India and many other related places. Most of the people in these places tried to get a Google Adsense account and gets rejected, even though their website meets Google Adsense policy.


  1. Most of the people not knowing this and they are trying to cheat Google. They want to buy a Google Adsense account from the internet, It’s not a good idea. They only gave false proof to make a Google Adsense account. The minimum payout for Google Adsense account is $100. If you use that account, you account get disabled after getting $99. Because Google provides reward for their staffs, if they found an invalid Google Adsense account.
  2. Some people selling Google Adsense package in the web for few dollars. I know definitely they itself will not get a Google Adsense account. My friend had bought that Google Adsense package few days before. They will not give you free domain name and a free website. They gave some HTML files containing articles from the web. They are not giving unique content. Google will not approve the copied contents.
  3. Notice that they giving the same Google Adsense packages to all their customers. They gave some idea to increase traffic, which is already available in the web. They told to pick a domain name from website, which is free.
  4. So, dont pay for Google Adsense account and dont buy the Google Adsense packages. Instead, spend money to buy a good domain name and try to get a legal Google Adsense account with your own knowledge and with your own work.
  5. To get Google Adsense account in a proper way, read this article Get Google Adsense Account for my blog.

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