How to Earn Money Online

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Most people are happy to make money online without spending their money. Some sites are good paying Now many people are earning money without a penny as investment. Sites listed below are not the scam sites and I got money from these sites. Follow the below steps and make money for free:


  1. is the only site which pays best for me. I got money many times from this site via PayPal. Minimum payout for this website is just $2. It offers many task, that can pay more than $0.10. This site is surely not a scam. It pays $0.15 for referring, so you can easily make more money from this website.
  2. also works same as above website, but the minimum payout is $9.
  3. Now I am going to introduce a site www.CO.CC, which gives a free domain name and pays money for free.It pays $0.10 for each referral. Minimum payout for this site is $1. Dont refer yourself for this site.
  4. is one of the large company of Amazon. Minimum payout is $4. We know Amazon is a large company, so we can trust this site very much. It offers thousands of tasks to do.
  5. Create a free Blog and make money by placing Google Adsense ads.
  6. You can also find many online jobs by searching in Google.


  • All sites offer PayPal account to pay money, so create PayPal account by signing up here.
  • If you dont get Google Adsense account , then just try to get Adbrite account.


  • Dont pay money to any site, because there is no guarantee to get that money back.
  • Avoid scam sites, which is time waste for you.
  • Avoid survey sites and Email reading sites,which does not pay a penny for you.

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