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Earning money from minuteworkers is very. You can also create jobs for workers and get finish your task easily. You can earn by finishing tasks. Once your task gets accepted, you get paid. Don’t think it was a scam, because I am using this site almost one year and I am getting paid without delay. Here I explain the tricks to earn more money from minuteworkers.


  1. Go to Minuteworkers and register.
  2. Confirm your account by clicking the verification link sent to your email id after you register.
  3. Click Available Jobs and choose jobs like facebook like, follow twitter and rate it. This type of jobs are easy to do.
  4. Then the job page opens.
  5. Now click I accept this job, then a small box opens below.
  6. Do the job properly according to the instructions given and enter the proof in the below text box.
  7. Click Submit Proof.

Tips & Warnings

  • Refer friends and Earn $0.05 cent for sign up. When the referrer completes one task, you earn $0.10 cent extra.
  • Complete more jobs daily as you can.
  • Post your referral link in social media websites like facebook, twitter, digg, delicious, etc.
  • They pay before 31st of each month via Paypal.
  • Don’t refer yourself, they record your IP address and your account will be deleted.
  • They pay you by two methods: Paypal and Alertpay.
  • Create a new Paypal account or a new Alertpay account.
  • Withdraw your earnings after 29th of each month, because they pay in 2 days.
  • Don’t accept jobs for which you are not qualified.
  • If you don’t like this website, then you can look these alternatives and (Amazon).

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