How to Get Fit in two Weeks

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Are you ashamed of having a bulky body?. Most of the persons aged from 18 to 29 having a big body and trying to make their body fit. Fit body not only looking nice, but also lowering your muscles and getting rid of many diseases. Two weeks are not enough to get a fit body, but you can lose weight and decrease your heart rate.


  1. Consult your doctor and ask if you can exercise regularly. Because some people may have some problems in their bones, muscles. So follow that advice effectively.
  2. Use some comfortable exercise clothing. Note that clothing is only a part, so don’t give more importance to clothing. Make your body fit, not your clothing.
  3. Do an aerobics exercises regularly. There are three exercises to make your body fit. They are running, swimming and walking. First we saw about walking. Walking is very simple to do, but it gives the least amount of aerobics benefit. Next running, it is hard for your joints and it was very difficult for older persons to do. Note that walking and running must be done in morning. You can also use running shoes to decrease your pain. Swimming is most easy than walking and running. Be careful that swimming must be learned properly, before doing.
  4. Do exercise two times in a day for at least 45 minutes. Morning and evening are the best times to do exercises. Don’t do exercise after you ate heavy foods.
  5. Don’t do exercises in an empty stomach. Also don’t eat so much. Do warm up exercises, before starting aerobics. Stretch your muscles and joints to circulate the blood throughout the body. You can also do skipping to do this.
  6. Every morning go of jogging. If you walk slowly, walk continuously for 1 hour. If you walk fast, walk just for 30 minutes, Drink water or take some energy drinks to maintain your energy in good level.
  7. Build your muscles by doing some hydraulic exercises to all your parts like stomach, biceps, triceps, thighs, chest and shoulder.
  8. Choose one of the best gymnasium with experienced master and all equipments to do exercises. Maintain a balanced diet. Make a successful fit body in two weeks.

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