This article tells you to how to get over the fear of sports . Every girls and boys are getting hurt while playing. So don’t worried it’s very common in sports. I will teach you to overcome the fear.


  1. If you start any new sports you should know about the right protection. In certain sports we wear helmet. Knee pads, elbow and a mouth guard. But all the sports doesn’t need the safe guards. You should find which protection the sports needs, consult to your trainer and get some tips.
  2. Don’t Strain: When you start a new sport, don’t do it more at the starting stage. That will cause more sprains and muscle pain.
  3. Consult Seniors: Normally we should consult the seniors in the sports. That will help us to avoid the hurt and normally the injuries only happen for the player doesn’t know the rules and basic methods of the play. It is our own life. So we should learn the game rules and securities.
  4. Body Recovery: When you injured, that will not affect you much, so your body will get recovered faster.

    You should play your best

    Consult your coaches and your friend, it will increase your interest

    Do it calm and confident.

    If you play very impact sports like football or heavy stress on one part of your body. Always wear the proper security gears.