As we women, it’s very important to keep vagina hygiene to avoid bad fishy smell infections. When I was suffered with vaginal infection, my doctor has advised to do the below steps to get rid of vaginal bad smell infections which is called Vaginitis (medical term). Vagina is a very small and sensitive private part which infects easily by various causes like using public toilets or unhygienic rest rooms, not washing the blood, etc. Vaginal infection may cause bad fishy smell, lower abdomen pain and rashes.

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Get Rid of Vaginal Bad Smell Infections

1. Wash Vagina every time you use bathroom

As per the research, women are most like to suffer from urinary infection, hence to avoid such instances wash with clean water every time you use restroom, you can prevent bad odour. Make sure you clean wash the hair surrounding your vagina.

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2. Do not use effective chemicals

Harmful chemical may lead to infection and very common to feel itching, change in skin colour and wound. Be careful while using such chemicals, make sure its not harm to the soft part of vagina. if you felt anytime wash it off with water immediately.

3. Regular use of Panties

Use of panties on regular basis can avoid you from infections, as women are most and quickly get attack from infection. Use cleanly washed panties and dried in sun light. Change it on regular basis, do not use any harmful chemical for washing as it may harm your vagina skin.

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4. Clean shave

Infections, irritation, itching all these even cause from the hair, clean shave is advisable. Do not use harmful chemical for cleaning. Before using any kind of chemical, test on your other part of body. if you find any irritation remove it with clean water immediately. while using blade or any other sharp edges be careful.

5. V-Wash

In case of any infection you find. use of V-wash can give tentative relax from pain and irritations. Before using this product, kindly take advice from doctors. this product is easily accessible in all the medical stores. this product can give you immediate relaxing from infection.

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6. Do not use too hot water

Using too hot water to clean up can lead to bad smell or effect your pH. Use warm water or mild hot water for cleaning vagina.

7. Avoid dis-Odoring

Bad smell or dis-odor is periodical, use only exterior deodorizing. During your menstrual period bad smell is common, do not use any kind of chemicals during this time.

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8. Change of sanitary pads

During your menstrual period, do not use only one pad each day, this will create even more bad smell in vagina. Try to change it, use new pads for every 4 hours once at least.

These remedies may vary from person to person and depending on the nature of the body. Post your experience and queries on the below comments section, we will get back to you with proper resolution.