How to Have Fun on your Computer

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Beginners might bored with Computer, because they dont know what to do with it. Below are the ways to have fun on your Computer and Internet.

Ways to Have Fun on your Computer

Wallpaper: Always have awesome Wallpapers in category, which you most interested. Even you can set animation wallpapers to make your desktop live and beautiful. According to your screen resolution, download images from sites offering free wallpaper or search images with resolution in Google images and set as your desktop wallpaper.

Play Games: Buy PC games CD and Install into your computer and play games. If you have internet connection, then play free online games. Kids always love to play games on computer. You must have graphic card in your computer or laptop to play graphic rich games.

Develop website: Create your own website and place ads or sell your products to earn money online. Or else create website to tell about yourself, this will help to have fun on your computer.

Social Network: There are sites like facebook, twitter, which helps to get more friends and to share your ideas to everyone. Be careful before posting your ideas online.

Entertainment: Watch videos, listen music and see pictures in your computer easily. If you have High Definition computer or Laptop, watch movies in HD and enjoy.

Work Online: Spend your spare time to work online in some websites like, and to earn money easily. I got payment from the above mentioned 3 websites. Warning: There are many spam sites in internet which cheats to earn money online.

Share Knowledge: Share your knowledge by answering in Yahoo answers, forums and related sites. This will popular your name in the internet. Write article in known subject and publish in any of the article sites.

Develop: Develop plugins and themes and made it available in internet for web softwares like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, SMF, mybb, etc. Develop apps for mobile and computer and share via internet.

Increase Typing skill: Open notepad or MS word and daily type one paragraph of any content you wish. This will increase typing speed.

Other than the above ways, there are plenty of things to have fun on your computer.

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