Health Tips & Diet plan for Night Shift Employees

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It’s a great challenge to women work in night or on rotational shift. As per the studies and research, equivalent to 2000 women were suffered for the risk of night duty. Probability of getting breast cancer is high comparing to other shifts. Women who work extremely in night shift can get a disorder of Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD). Below are the symptoms of this SWSD disorder:

Poor concentration Short tempered Sleep Deprivation
Giddiness Headache Hair loss

If you not sleep during the night shift for a long period, then the body will get dried up. As per Ayurveda, to avoid body dryness it’s good to have tea-spoon of ghee before leaving for the night work. Since our body is working against the nature’s rhythm it increases body stress and nerve problems.

Adaptogens is the best method which helps in chronic stress. “Ashwagandha” is an Ayurveda herb taken from Withania somnifera plant which is a popular Adaptogens. It boosts the body’s energy level and also help the body to handle stress, hence you can have good sleep.

Below Health Tips For Night Shift Employees

1. Shift Work Sleep Disorder will get common symptoms of hair loss, it’s very important to give proper attention for your hair. Regularly apply oil on your hair and maintain it healthy.

2. Sleep whenever you are getting a free time since you cannot sleep in the night shifts.

3. On weekly basis, go for body massage which helps in blood circulation in the body.

4. Yet another symptoms of Shift Work Sleep Disorder are disturbed sleep. Hence close the doors to keep you away from disturbance and make sure its dark enough too to have peaceful sleep. Most importantly keep all your mobile/tablet away from your bed or in silent mode as it might disturb your sleep.

5. To keep away from irritation and increase your concentration levels, its good practice to do yoga poses such as Vajrasana or Pranayama on a daily basis. In most of the big IT companies, they providing the yoga class inside the office campus.

Below Diet plan may help for Night Shift Employees

1. Dinner is normally end of our day, but for night shift people their day begins with dinner. For night shift people its very difficult to maintain their dinner timing. Don’t think to skip dinner or to have the dinner in the midnight. As usual, take your dinner before 9PM.

2. Few people skip their dinner in the illusion that they get sleep after dinner. If that is the case, then you can choose to have light food like idly or veggies. You will not feel acidity if you are having veggies for dinner.

3. Avoiding oily food as they are inflated and heavy too. High chances of acidity also.

4. People tend to have countless coffee or tea to keep themselves awake and remain active, which is really bad for health. Keeping your body in hydrated will help you remain active. Try drinking water or fresh fruit juices for every 20 minutes to keep the body hydrated.

5. It’s quite common to feel hungry in the night. To maintain a healthy weight and preventing over eating you can opt to have healthy food like brown bread, nuts and fruits.

6. Antioxidants provides lots of health benefits for night shift workers. Eat green leafy veggies and citrus fruits like lemon, sweet lime and orange fruits which provides antioxidants to your body.

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