Looking at our hair condition present, we are all worried about future of it. Whenever we crosses anyone with bald or less hair on head will really make us to feel scared about our hair by thinking will be also in the same situation in future..?  The answer is yes, if proper care has not been taken on time it may happens to anyone. Let me make it clear to you all that, once hair turns to grey no chances of turn white hair  black even if new hair grow from that pole. Only chances are we can reduce rest hair to turn grey. I am going to effective and natural home remedies to get rid of turning grey hair based on my experience. These ingredients are very effective and it has no side effects.

We as women dream of long, thick and silky hair. We love to experiment different hairstyles based our dress. There are many reasons for hair fall and for grey hair, lack of sleep, improper diet, lack of exercise are the major reasons. As I said about my previous article issues starts when we ignore healthy food and good sleep. You may not see these effects when you are in the age between 16 to 25. You may start noticing these once you cross 25. Grey hair age before 40 is called pre-mature grey hair. Due to pollution, lack of sleep, lack of vitamins we can see even a small kid having grey hair.

Before staring all these remedies remember one thing that you will see changes in overnight. You really should have patience to continue and it will definitely give better result. Let’s start to know what is good for our hair.

1. Oil Message

How we as human need food to get energy same applies for hair as well. These energy will be supplied by any oil to the hair. Apply any oil twice a week minimum to the root and message for minimum 10 minutes and leave it overnight and wash it next day morning. We prefer you to apply oil in night so that your hair will not exposure to dust, as we all know that oil observe dust quickly. Avoid applying Castor oil for overnight, instead you can apply 1 hour just before going to take head bath.

2. Protect your Hair from Dust

Your hair loses its strength when it’s exposure to the dust even after you apply oil, healthy diet. So whenever you go out try to cover your root with scarf or any other cloth which can protect from polluted air. Hair also require Vitamin D which we get from sun. Try to get sun light to hair between 8 AM to 10 AM.

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3. Less Chemical Shampoo

Using high chemical products is also one of the main reason for damaged hair as well as grey hair. More chemical shampoo which may help your hair to look silky and shiny for tentatively but these chemical will affect your root and cause for grey hair. Go for Ayurveda shampoo which has natural ingredients or prepare shampoo yourself at home which will be more effective and good for your hair.

4. Curry Leaves

Use of curry leave on daily basis give natural color to your hair and prevent grey hair. Try to eat 2 to 5b raw curry leave on daily basis either leaves or dry powder. Curry leaves is rich in carbohydrates, fiber, energy, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, minerals and phosphorous. It also provide vitamins like nicotinic acid and vitamin A, B, C and Vitamin E which will give good iron to your hair.

5. Mehndi

Use Mehndi instead of hair color loaded with chemical.  Mehndi or henna has lawsone which gives you instant color to skin and hair as well. Mehndi turns black due to longer the paste stays. It initially gives you natural brown color which is in trend now and later it turns to black as well.

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6. Gooseberry

Gooseberry is rich in iron content. It gives essential iron content to your hair. It makes your hair healthy and gives shiny. Hence intake of gooseberry trice in a week is good for health and hair growth.

7. Almond Oil

It is true that oil give essential protein to your hair and helps to grow fast. Use of any oil twice a week minimum is good but preferably Almond Oil is good for hair growth and to improve its thickness. Daily morning intake of one Almond is a good for eye and hair.

8. Tie your hair

We all are aware that open hair is in trend now. We tend to leave our hair when we go out. Due to pollution hair loses its strength and result in hair fall. We suggest to tie your hair especially while travelling in open air. Protection of your hair is very important

9. Potato

Potato is also one of the great ingredients which gives natural colour to your hair. Boil potato in cooker, once it’s cool down take potato water and mix well with curd and apply on your hair. Leave the paste for an one or 2 hours and rinse thoroughly.

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10. Black Coffee

Black coffee is also give good colour to your hair, apply this black coffee liquid directly on your head from root to tip of your hair. While making black coffee make little think liquid so that it will stick your hair while applying, leave this until it get dry completely and rinse thoroughly with warm water.


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