How Friends Can Make You Healthier

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Did you know your Friends Can Make You Healthier ?

Most of the people have lot of friends with different types of characters. Only close friends use to meet and talk often remaining friends may talk only in the friendship day. Indirectly your friends helping you to make you healthier and increase your lifespan.

You & your BFF have the same genes

Researchers have recently discovered that your friends are as genetically similar to you as fourth cousins! This means you share around 1% of the same genes with your close friends. No wonder, as we grow up, our friends become our extended family.
This Friendship Day, we thought of letting you know how your friends, although annoying, actually work as medicines for you.

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For a long, long life

As per several studies, people who are isolated having high chance to die prematurely than those who having more friend and tight social relationship. Life span of people with social relationship is increased double than those who are increasing lifespan by exercising and healthy living (non-smokers and non-drinkers)

Friends by heart

Friends help relieve stress, which is the high cause of heart diseases. Having few or no close friends increases the risk of first-time heart attack by almost 50%! Interestingly, you can have near normal pulse rates and blood pressure even while discussing rough patches in lives with a supportive friend by your side.

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For peace of mind

Having a strong circle of supportive friends decreases the chances of developing anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease and age-related memory loss by manifold. On the other side, isolated people are prone to depression, accidents and suicidal tendencies.

Happy friends, happy soul

There is chance of increase your personal happiness by 25% by having happy friends. On the opposite, unhappy friends make you to reduce your personal happiness to -25%. So always surround with happy friends and you to behave a happy friend to them. After all, it is a two-way street!

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