How to Keep Your Body Slim for free

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High quality gyms are the good place to build your body and make you slim. But the membership fee was little high. Also there was no value in choosing low standard gyms. Do you know? You can keep your body slim for free without paying a penny. Don’t laugh. I am not joking guys. Its true. Follow the below instructions:-


  1. You can run outside of your house. Listen some music and run easily. You can also do few labs in around the park. Walking and running must to be done in morning or evening only. Morning is a good climate to do exercise. No one can charge for this.
  2. Go to the beach to swim. Swimming must to be done carefully by a proper coach. Swimming is very effective than all the workouts, because it gives workouts to all parts of the body.
  3. If you have a bike, then go cycling. Some places like beach, park also offers bike for a small rent. Cycling was a very good exercise. Fast cycling is most effective.
  4. There are some free fitness programs shown in television. You can simply do it in your home without spending money.
  5. Food is very important to keep your body slim. Don’t eat food that has more fat. Don’t eat egg yolk, mutton, pork, cheese. Don’t eat outside like hotels, fast foods. Diet was very important.

Tips & Warnings

  • Above instructions are not suitable for all. So, please consult your family doctor before you prepare to try this, because all the human bodies are different from others.
  • Before running, don’t eat anything except banana and water.
  • Daily take one fresh juice as it maintains your stamina.
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