Windows is one of the famous operating system, which was using by many computer users, because it is very easy to use. Linux is also an operating system, but it is little difficult to use. Most of the people will not use Linux, because it could be used only by the advanced users. But Linux has some great features than Windows.


  1. Linux is completely free. It could be easily downloaded from the web. But window is costly to buy. Linux is virus free. No viruses will enter into the Linux. Steve Balmer said that virus cannot be completely removed from windows. Windows could be attacked by spyware, but Linux is not attacked by spyware. Linux will not crash, but windows crash often. Hard disk need to defragment in windows to increase the windows speed, but defragmentation is not necessary for Linux. It is compulsory to restart the windows, if a new hardware is connected. In Linux, it is not needed to restart the computer, when a new hardware is installed.
  2. There is no License problem in Linux, because it is an Open-Source Operating system. Windows can read only two File System (FAT, NTFS ). But Linux can be able to read more than hundred File System ( FAT, NTFS, EXT3, EXT4, VFAT etc..). Linux operating system could be used in PDA, CELL PHONES, SUPER COMPUTERS. But windows not contain this feature. Linux operating system can also be shared to your friends, but sharing the windows operating system and its software is offence. Without installing Linux into the computer, we can use it by Live CD. After installing windows, Driver CD is used. But in Linux, Driver CD is not needed. Linux could be accessed by more than 1000 languages. You can Linux in your own language. Linux giving full freedom to its users.
  3. And my conclusion is “Windows is for beginners and Linux is for advanced users”.