Tighten vagina is one of the most searched words of females at any point of their age. Vagina, the main female genital organ is serving many purposes like helping in natural childbirth, female intercourse organ, and female urinary organ. The vagina can be considered like a rubber band or an elastic tube due to its stretching capacity. Many have the belief that a tight vagina is the best fit for intercourse. There is another view that a woman with a loose vagina may have sexual intercourse many times or with many men. Both these are just myths and absolutely not true. The vagina can be loose or tight may not be by birth but due to childbirth or age. In fact, sexual intercourse is less painful and gives pleasure to a woman only when she has her vagina easily letting in.

If you really want to get tighten vagina for some reason, the below tips can be helpful,


Regular exercising can really help not only to physically get in shape but also to make your internal organs like the uterus and muscles around it to be more powerful.

  • Kegel exercise: Kegel exercises when learned and properly practiced help much to tighten the vagina and make the uterus stronger. A simple way to do this exercise is Contracting pelvic muscles like the way one tries to stop from urinating.
  • Squats: The most popular squats form of exercise can also help you harder your vagina and can give you good results in getting stronger orgasms during intercourse. Also, it’s helpful to tighten and shape your thighs and butts too. A basic squatting position is stretching hands from an erect standing position in a half sit position.
  • Legs up exercise: This is a simple exercise that can make your legs and thighs stronger. To start with just stretch your legs in the lying position. Do at least 10 times every day.


As people say ‘We are what we eat ‘ our everyday diet decides our physical and mental health, disease condition we get into. Diet plays an important role in vaginal tightness and sexual health. A balanced diet with lots of vitamins and potassium balances pH levels in the body. The typical vaginal pH range should be between 3.8 to 4.5.

Adding Sweet potatoes(rich in Vitamin A), Apples (helpful for simulation), Soy(phytoestrogen), Avocados(Vitamin B-6, Potassium), leafy green vegetables(Vitamin E, magnesium, and calcium) into the diet can provide good results.

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Using Vaginal Tightening Gel, Pills, Sticks, Vaginal cones, Tampons

The personal health care market provides many vaginal care products including vaginal tightening Gel/Pills/stick/cones/tampons. These are available with organic ingredients that will not cause any harm to your intimate areas. These cannot be used while on menstruation. But it’s best to consult your physician before using the above products as it may create allergies for some. One can discontinue if they experience more pain or discomfort in using such products.


Any type of vaginal surgery is known as vaginoplasty especially preferred for vaginal tightening treatment.

It is also called vaginal rejuvenation as it gives a new structure and life to the vagina.

But really one should know that vaginal surgery can give a good shape and restructure to your vagina but it cannot give you high orgasm or sensitivity and there are chances for lifetime pain during intercourse.

Laser Tightening treatment

Commonly known as Laser vaginal Tightening (LVT) is believed to help in rejuvenating your vagina or simply help to tighten it. But here the main disadvantage is it cannot last for a longer period for more than 12months.

Also, there are some complications in the above procedure that includes,

  • Many of the women who underwent LVT reported that they haven’t benefited from it.
  • Sometimes the procedure becomes difficult due to the sensitivity of the tissues around the vagina
  • In some cases, it has resulted in much more blood loss than expected and hence required a higher recovery time.

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Unsafe Tips to Tighten Vagina

When the above are considered to be safer ways to tighten your vagina, there are some ways that are believed to tighten your intimate hole but that are not actually safe, those are,

Aloe vera

Many women have the habit of applying aloe vera for tightening their pelvic muscles, though aloe vera is an herbal product it’s not recommended to use in intimate areas like the inner and outer sides of the vagina.


Douching is the action of washing the vagina using a stream of water or some other liquid, especially for vaginal tightening. It’s most common among western women. But it’s never recommended for vaginal tightening also it may lead to bacterial infection causing irritation and burning sensation.


Toothpaste is never for internal areas, especially for genitals. Doctors warn those women who have this habit of using toothpaste as a lubricant or vaginal tightening as a harmful attempt. Toothpaste can also create harmful effects on women’s Vagina.

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Menthol balms

Menthol balms generally used for cold and cough are also used for vaginal tightening by the majority but that’s recommended to use.


Vaginal steaming is mostly meant for cleansing and vaginal health improvement but doesn’t help much with vaginal tightening.

Hopefully, the above article might have helped women who are concerned about their vaginal health and its tightening. It is advised to consult your doctor before sticking to any of the above methods. Do not forget to mention your thoughts on this.

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