How to Make Money Fast without Investment

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Many people asked me “how to make money fast“, so I written this article.If you follow these steps, you will have a handful of money at the weekend. Don’t choose spam sites and waste your time for penny.Most people wants to earn money fast, but they didn’t have any idea to do. For that read this article and earn plenty as you possible.


  1. Do day labor jobs and get paid daily. Read newspaper classifieds and find simple day jobs like painting, cleaning, garden maintaining and mowing. This job is 100% guarantee for getting paid.
  2. The second tips is to sell something that you don’t want or use anymore. Good CDs, old products, old jewels and anything sell to near pawn shop, before in your house, busy street. You can also easily sell online through internet websites like eBay, Amazon and Craigs list.
  3. If you have any stage talent, you can do it in public and get reward for that. But don’t do without having full knowledge in that. Put stage dramas , tell jokes, sing songs, and do like this whatever you need.
  4. If you really need money, then through away your pride and ask for help. Select a decent place, handle a pan for begging, ask politely and say thanks. Some decent people also begging through internet by placing ads in their website. In my opinion, asking money is not bad, because I am also doing that.
  5. Sell your plasma as a donation. Plasma is present in your blood. You can earn $30-$40 for each donation. After an hour plasma will regenerated into your body. But there was some conditions to do that. your age must be 18 – 59 and you have at least 110 pounds. Even doctors checkup your body for free.
  6. Recycle your waste products and make some extra cash. Find large cans or waste bottle in your house and even in road street trash. Then sell it to recyclers and get extra money. You can nearly 10 to 15 dollars for each can.
  7. Sell lemonade stand or baked goods with cookies and brownies to get extra cash for daily. The important thing is choosing a good place like entrance of apartments, function and busy street.
  8. Earn by advertising large companies by placing ads in-car, sticking tattoos in your body for temporary and wearing advertisement cloths.


  • Note that don’t do anything that violates local laws and regulations. Do all in legal way.
  • You can also make extra money by doing online jobs.
  • Don’t sell anything at high price, then nobody will buy it. Even if you sell too low, then you get lose in your business.


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