How to Make Money with adBrite

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Google AdSense is the No.1 advertising program in the net, but not all the people get Google AdSense account for some reasons. So, I found a great alternative for AdSense called adBrite. It offers many types of ads then Google AdSense. It also offer non-English sites to take part. Its minimum payout is $10, which is less than AdSense. adBrite is not a spam site. It has so many publishers and advertisers working for a long time so you can easily make money with adBrite.

Make Money with adBrite


1 First, you must have a website or blog.

2 Create a free adBrite account and submit your blog or website.

3 Place ad code in your blog or site.

Before you submit your blog or website, your blog or website must have some qualities. Blog must contain original content of least 15 post and must be fully constructed. Lets see some advantages and disadvantages of adBrite.


  • You can earn not only by clicking the ads, but also when the user visit the ads.
  • adBrite is not so strict like AdSense.
  • You can display ads in between videos and images.
  • Don’t want to wait for 6 months.
  • Getting adBrite account is easy.
  • Minimum payout is very low.


  • Ads are rarely seem.
  • PPC advertising is very low as $0.01
  • You must want to wait 3 months to get the payout.
  • PayPal is not allowed. They give only through check.
  • Ads does not related to contents.

I always recommend you to try Google AdSense before entering to adBrite account. You cannot able to run both advertising program in the same page. adBrite offers full-page ads. text link ads, banner ads, so join adBrite now.

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