Make Your PC Last Longer and Work Better

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With few strategic and affordable upgrades you can give your PC a performance shot.

Add More RAM:

A easy and inexpensive way to improve older PC. More RAM means more room to store program to run and less time to access hard drive.

Increasing RAM gives a significant boost to speed Windows and MAC are run more smoothly on 4GB than on 2GB RAM.

Depending on the type and configuration this upgrade can be sample as adding memory module.

If your system works on windows XM or 32-bit version of windows Vista or Windows 7 then no value in instantly more than 4GB per 64-bit OS upgrades to 8GB can give better performance.

Add a second monitor:

This is an ideal upgrade irrespective of age of computer. It increase the desk space but benefits and weight this. With two monitor, two apps runs on full screen at same time. The app is visible to you on the full screen all the time.

It saves time and hassle of switching between apps. It helps in viewing multiple windows and great for drag and drop of data. Monitors are cheap.

Need to ensure PC has a space video output and ensure monitor in compatible with the port.

Install an SSD:

It breath new life to old system. SSD have no moving parts and hence faster than traditional hard drives. It consumes less power and squeeze the extra run-time.

It has higher cost-per-megabyte than regular drives.

Re install Windows:

Though it is not a actual upgrade, but you will feel so when you are done. This needs investment of your time and effort (no money) to make your system fast.

This is not a quick procedure to delete the entire hard disk and re-install windows. This would require taking backup copies of all docs. This is a hassle but improve the system perfect.

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