I am back with an another interesting topic, “Increase Sperm Count” which seen very common issue these days due to busy life, pollution, type of food intake. But need not to worry as we have come up with a natural home remedies which is more effective and give remarkable difference without any side effects. As per the research 20 million sperm count could be healthy. There are many factors which may cause in reduction of sperm count.

Increase Sperm Count & Quality

After all the research and analysis, we have come up with simple and home remedies which will be easily available at your kitchen to increase sperm count. Before going to any tablets or scissors why not you try below remedies and feel the difference.

1. Banana

Yes you heard right, Banana contains vitamin C, Vitamin A are known for sperm production as it is rich in Potassium, which will supply essential nutritious to the body. Consume at least 2 -3 Banana per day for the good result.

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2. Walnut

This dry fruit has natural Omega-3 fatty acid as well as polyunsaturated acid which will provide the essential maturity to the sperm. Even fish oil also contain Omega-3 fat which will also work same as walnut, however Walnut can be easily available and good for vegan.

3. Green Tea

As per the study, green tea contain a high amount of ECGG or estrogen which will help to swim sperm easily and it also increase the count of sperm naturally. But a high doses of green tea can result opposite especially in male fertility. 1-2 TSP in a day is advisable.

4. Pomegranate

If you are planning to get pregnant or to increase the count of fertility then it’s time to start eating or drinking pomegranate juice a day. It also helps in blood circulation, this will really act as good medicine to boost energy for women during their menstrual period.

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5. Curd

Curd/Yogurt is rich in vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B-12. It also contain calcium and magnesium and it is also recommended source for calcium. Due to lactobasillus bacteria will help the sperm to increase in its count and high chances of fertility.

6. Seeds

Consuming sunflower and pumpkin seeds helps to increase in sperm count for male and even it is recommended for women to consume during their pregnancy as these seed contain minerals, vitamins, , protein, antioxidants, polyunsaturated fats and phytochemicals. Prefer to consume raw rather than fried or dried ones.

7. Lemon

As we all know lemon contains high vitamin C, this vitamin C possess high anti-oxidant which prevent the sperm from group hence finishing the short life of sperm. Every day one glass of lemon juice will be perfect.

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8. Beans (Kidney Beans)

Folic acids are the major reason to increase in the count of sperm, as the kidney beans has the larger amount of folic acid. Adding kidney beans to your diet will help to avoid the chance of birth of defect like miscarriage.

9. Garlic cloves

Garlic is a very powerful home remedy to enhance the sperm count or to avoid damage to the sperm count. This home remedy has been using since ancient time, daily intake of 1-2 cloves can give good result. Vitamin B6 in garlic enhance the sex hormones.

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10. Almond

Almond is rich in Vitamin B-6 and it also contain zinc which will help the sperm to grow healthy. Hence including Almond in your diet will add the necessary nutrition to the body to enhance the count of sperm and it even helps to improve your immunity system.

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