Windows XP is the most popular and standard operating system used by many of the people. But there might be many chances to get Windows crashed. While purchasing the operating system, you may get some other disk like Recovery disk, which is used to restore software and files needs to use. If you missed to get that disk, then download Recovery disk from Microsoft.


1According to your Windows version, download the correct setup disk from the Microsoft Download Center. For XP Home and Professional edition, own setup disk is available. Once you find the exact setup disk, download and save into your computer.

2Insert an empty compact disk (CD) into your CD-ROM drive. Burn the saved setup disk into the empty CD. Read this article to burn files to CD.

3 Once the burning process completed, remove the CD and insert in to the computer or laptop where you want to recover the OS.

4 Without removing the disk, restart the computer. In the black screen you can find the prompt shows as “Boot from Disk”. Now the press the ENTER button and wait to load the data from the disk. Then Windows recovery setup will run automatically.

5 When you restart the computer, If the prompt not appears then again restart the computer and continuous press F2 or F8 key to go BIOS setting depending on your computer. Now configure the BIOS as “First Boot Devise” to CD-ROM drive. Then save your BIOS setting and restart the computer again. Now you will find the prompt in the black screen. Even if the prompt not appears then check the disk whether it burned properly.

Tips & Warnings

  • Instead of CD, you can also use Floppy disk to save the setup disk. Your computer must have floppy drive to use floppy.