How to use Steps Recorder in Windows

Windows has many built-in features that a windows user may not be aware of. This list goes like Windows voice recorder, video Editor, Xbox screen recorder, etc. In this list, we can include the tool Steps recorder as well. Steps [...]

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Tips to Speed Up Windows Computer

Everything should be maintained properly. Just like that, Computer should also be maintained properly. Even systems with powerful hardware configuration might slowdown, if it was not maintained well. Are you frustrated because of slow computer? Searching for computer technician to [...]

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How to Edit the Hosts File in Windows

Are you want to redirect or block a website from your computer browser by using hosts file? You cannot easily edit the hosts file since it is protected in windows operating systems. If you try to edit and save the [...]

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How to Merge Two Pictures in MS Paint

Microsoft Paint is a simple and basic graphic tool embedded in Microsoft windows operating systems. It used to draw pictures or to edit existing pictures byadding text, shapes, lines and colors. By using Paint, we can merge two or more [...]

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Top 10 keyboard shortcut keys

Instead of using a mouse, keyboard shortcut keys can be used to do any function faster and more efficient. Below I mentioned the top 10 keyboard shortcut keys: Windows + L & Windows + R & Windows + M Windows [...]

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How to Change Printer from Offline to Online

Either a USB or a printer needs to be connected to your computer for printing documents. But if a print command creates an error and wakes the printer offline then all future fobs gets hampered. To rectify the situation it [...]

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How to Make a Card on the Computer

A re you spending more money in creating cards? You can easily create cards in computer using MS Paint. MS Paint is a default application installed on Windows operating system. Basic knowledge in MS Paint is enough to make a [...]

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How to Get all Commands of CMD in your Computer

Command Prompt (CMD) is a built-in command line interface application in windows operating system. Each version has certain set of commands. If you want to write program in DOS, then you must know all the cmd commands. For that, don’t [...]

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