How to solve the 10 most common tech support problems yourself

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In our day today life we are facing many tech problems while using computer and internet. Here you can learn to solve the 10 most common tech support problems and fix it by yourself without the help of technicians.


  1. My system is too slow: For a slow system, check if the system itself is actual source of problem. Check if these are free space in the hard disk holding the OS. Windows requires space to create files. If the hard disk is full clear few space there.

    Next place to check is Microsoft’s system configuration tool. Trim the start-up items which may consume booting time. For identifying safe disable of potential performance killers, check start-up item and manufacturer tabs.

    Don’t message this program which has in as Microsoft Corporation. On a note of caution, do not disable in case you are not sure of the function of the program.

  2. Downloads taking forever: is a best tool to check when facing connectivity problems. Run a test to check for upload and download speeds. If the speed is fine, check if you are uploading or downloading something inadvertently.Check the network hardware and in case the manufacturer is providing newer drive, download it. Resetting modern and router might help sometimes. If problem still persists, call the ISP and explain the problem or get the master connection to your home reset.
  3. My machine keeps restarting: Hardware problems are bit difficult to analyses first ensures that the system doesn’t get restart on every latest windows update. Try updating all critical system drivers. Sometimes just cleaning the machine thoroughly creates magic. Due to overheating, system automatically restarts. This might be a reason for frequent restarts when running resource intensive programs.
  4. Appearing of pop-up ads on desktop: If pop-up appears even when web browser is not running, then mostly adware (a program which displays unwanted ads) is installed. Getting rid of it is not an easy task. Fully scan the system with a credible antivirus system. If it doesn’t detect the adware turn to anti-ma/ware utility for removing ma/ware. If all the options don’t work, a complete system install is the role option. Remember to back up your files.
  5. Google doesn’t look right: Browser hijackers are nasty breed of malware. They take over the browsers and redirect the Google searches to fake pages to steal personal information or to infect the system.Have a real-time antivirus utility is the safe way. If browser is already hijacked then reinstall the browser and use antivirus program.
  6. My Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting: Wireless connection can sometimes be a puzzle check if your system is within the range of the wireless router. Week signals lead to weak connection. Ensure you have the latest driver.
  7. Getting ‘There is a problem with this websites security certificate’ message repeatedly: This mostly can be due o incorrect system lock. Sync the security certificate with system clock. Check the CMOS battery of the system that keeps system clock ticking. Change date and time on the system tray to correct issue.
  8. Printer not working: Try turning on and off printer. Check the printer queue. It gives the status of each job along with the general status of the printer. Make sure the option ‘use printer offline’ is not checked.
  9. Cant open email attachment: It is mostly become the system close not have the necessary software installed. If it’s a pdf file then you can download a free pdf reader. For other formats, check the file extension. If file lacks extension then adding it back should set things right.
  10. When my favorite program is not working in my new PC: Check if the software is compatible with the OS. A 32-bit program might run in 64-bit OS net the other way around. If online games are not working then the required plug-in might be missing.

Tips & Warnings

  • Call for tech support if you are uncomfortable in addressing the issue yourself. Beware of your skills and limitations!

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