For most people, Facebook is an only best social network site to connect with people. Now Google launches new social network like product called Google+, which has many circles to add friends group in separate circles. Google+ is even more easy to use than Facebook.In Google+, you can create as much of circles to add different kind friends group in each circle. Lets say, “football team”, “office folks” or “close friends” you can share specific things to each group, instead of sending to all. For example, update your contact details, personal information to your friends circle and you can share work related details to your coworkers team. Like Facebook, you could also create a unique page for your business in Google+.

Getting Started

Google+ was the only social network site which ensures more privacy as it only needs your first name to show in public. There is also an option to connect with other social sites inside Google+. Configure the email notification settings as much flexible you want. For example, create alert, when you got new update or someone added you to their circles.Now you can start to create your own circles and add different friend groups to distinct circles. Click the small double circle icon at the top of the page. Here you can create new circles and add friends by dragging to the specific circles. To find friends, search with their name to list out people with that name.

Posts and Streams

Like Facebook, you can share interesting contents to your friends. Share your post with individual or specific circle by adding the circles to your post. You have rights to control the post usage by locking or just click the small arrow button at the right side of your post to prevent it from not to share again by anyone. To add any people to message or comment, just use + or @ symbol before the name.

Make Recommendations

Facebook gets popular due to its “Like” button feature. Like that, Google+ also has +1(plus one) button to show the support. You can add this button to your website or blog, so that visitors plus one your website if they like it.

Hang Out

Google+ has one unique feature named “Hangouts”. By this you can make chatting and video calls with 9 people at a time. You can also able to watch YouTube videos or your own videos with your friends together. It also helps Business people to conduct a meeting easily.