A re you spending more money in creating cards? You can easily create cards in computer using MS Paint. MS Paint is a default application installed on Windows operating system. Basic knowledge in MS Paint is enough to make a card on the computer.

Instructions to Make a Card on the Computer

  • 1

    Open MS Paint. ( Start-> All Programs-> Accessories->Paint)

  • 2

    Draw a square and fill it with any color as you wish.

  • 3

    Search and download pictures from internet to local drive. FreeDigitalPhotos , Stockvault , Freerange and Flickr are online website which gives free images to use.

  • 4

    Once you download the picture, resize it using any resizing tool or online via picresize.com and import it to MS Paint.

  • 5

    Add few other interesting items like border lines, edge styling, texts, etc…

  • 6

    Once you complete the card design, save the picture in any format like jpg, png, gif, etc…

  • 7

    Open the image in MS Word. Right click the image and select “Open with…” Microsoft Word.

  • 8

    Resize the card to any size you wish by dragging the picture edges(Normal size: 6.3 cm * 8 cm). If you creating more than one card, make sure all the cards are resized to the same size.

  • 9

    Take the card print out in A4 sheet paper or any other thick sheet and attach it to a thick cardboard to make it look like a card.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some websites won’t allow users to print their picture and its illegal to print those cards. So get proper copyright permission from picture websites before printing the card. Read their terms and conditions to get more details.